9 Fascinating Things to do in Dubai

Dubai is a marvelous destination that combines Middle Eastern culture with history, ultra modern architecture, supreme adventure, dynamic nightlife, and first-class shopping and entertainment. The Arabian Sea and the mysterious deserts are its utmost...

Things to do in Bali 0

7 Incredible Things to do in Bali

Bali is an immensely beautiful place with its pristine beaches, exuberant scenery, and welcoming people. It is a must-visit island which gives you the pleasure to rejuvenate and relax yourself leaving all your worries...

Developments in Artificial Intelligence 0

Unraveling Artificial Intelligence

Sony recently launched “The Xperia Ear”, a technologically advanced personal assistant that responds to your requests-reads you the notifications, types in your message, gives you weather update, news or street details and dials up...